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Vie et Vin :  Wine fanatic for 25 years,
Gaëtan wants to share his passion with you !!

Twenty-five years of experience, twenty-five years of wine tasting and passion for wine, helped us gain knowledge of high quality wines. 

Discovering the carefully chosen selection of a wine-merchant and free-lance professional wine taster involves benefiting from many advantages :

- we take the time to go and meet wine producers and to build a real relationship with them ;

- we dare to go off the beaten track to offer you products that differ from standardized mass-market wines and we also take side roads, far from the market « stars ».

To select our range of products, our enthusiasm has led us to all corners of France. We have visited environmentally sound « small » winemakers. People who are respectful for the soil, for the vines, in short, for… LIFE, through  integrated, organic, or even biodynamic, farming. 

Those craft winemakers work is so long and accurate that their bottles have kept a part of them. We have decided to particularly highlight an unrecognized vineyard, which nevertheless deserves the curiosity of wine amateurs : Corsica.

Why Corsica ?

The renewal of this vineyards has made it the most exciting one in France, with passionate and talented winemakers who glorify traditional grapes, a pure delicacy in this bathed in sunshine paradise.

Leave your preconception behind : Corsica offers fresh and elegant wines !

Vermentino white wines are rightfully considered as the best mediterranean white wines : allow them to age for two or three years and they will prove to be fabulous wines for gastronomy !

As for the red ones, the Nielluccio (the Corsican variant of Tuscan Sangiovese) brings structure to densely colored wines, intense and well balanced, then  the Sciaccarellu, paler, slender, spicy and with delicate tannins (that might suggest a pinot noir), brings them elegance and refinement. 

In conclusion, we have selected a range of pure and balanced wines,  with their own character, expressing their terroir, easily « digestible » and gimmick-free.

Come and discover those wines, you’ll be surprised and … charmed !Feel free to ask for advice when you make tasty dishes : matching them with a suitable wine will enhance the whole meal. Bear that in mind on festive occasions !  


Thank you for visit, either virtual or in the real world. DO COME IN… Come and discover our passion !

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